Bring a Bigger Gun: Three First-Person Shooters From EEK3

If there’s one thing everyone loves in horror, it’s blood and guts. Also getting a shotgun to shoot someone to make blood and guts. EEK3 featured a trio of first-person shooters, all of which should let you have some fun killing enemies. So if you missed the full showcase, here’s the next set of shooters well worth keeping an eye out and grabbing.


Look, if you’re going to put your game name in all caps then you better bring your A game. ULTRAKILL doesn’t bring its A game, it brings its SSS game. As in, super smokin’ style game. Yes, the game is like if someone decided that Devil May Cry and Doom should have a beautiful baby. Not only does it have fast paced shooting and shotguns, but every kill adds to a point meter that judges you based on your combos, weapon swaps, aerial attacks, and other abilities.

Also, I just need to point out that the link to the Steam page is “” which is honestly brilliant.

The whole game just oozes style, much like the enemies ooze blood when shot. At points in the trailer, you can see the player sliding through enemies, gibbing them with punches, rocket jumping, and more. Each of these are all calculated into your style score, and of course, you want to get the best score possible. It can’t be a character action game without rad boss fights either, with the trailer showcasing a robot swordsman, a “malicious face” that shoots lasers, and a very big and ugly demon. Its done more than enough to make me excited for the full release.

ULTRAKILL is being developed by Arsi “Hakita” Patala, a one man project, and is set to come out this summer. You can wishlist the game on Steam, and the demo is available until 10am PST on June 22nd.

RetroVirus VR

We don’t have too many excuses to strap on a VR headset, but it seems like RetroVirus VR may be giving us exactly that. At least, if you want to escape from an anti-virus prison that is. The game takes place in some weird world where it’s tough to tell if you’re a computer virus or an actual virus, but it does appear that you’re escaping from prison. To help you, you get a tractor beam that you can use to pick up various objects around the world. Sure you can grab and use a gun if you want, but wouldn’t you rather pick an enemy missile out of the air and launch it back at them?

From the trailer there’s always the feeling that there’s something slightly uneasy about the game. You have a virus buddy, but he sure seems super gleeful at the idea of you murdering your captors. Are you sure it’s the action you want to take? Maybe there’s a good reason you’re in the cage to begin with? I’m sure these are questions that, with the right VR headset, you yourself can answer. Better yet, you can answer them now, as RetroVirus VR is currently available for purchase.

RetroVirus VR was developed by Trisol, developer of first person horror game Loving Flesh, and is currently available on

Revolver Phantasm

Unlike the other two games showcased, which were already announced elsewhere, Revolver Phantasm is a completely new offering. The game already has one of the best elevator pitches I’ve ever read, and it is, in its entirety, as follows: “Buff Ghost with a Big Iron on their Hip kills God.” If that doesn’t get you excited for the game, that’s okay, because there’s some more information where that came from, even if it’s still pretty limited.

While the trailer may not show much other than creepy imagery such as a chained pillar and a ghostly revolver floating in space, and there isn’t any screenshots, the page does promise several things. Revolver Phantasm is an arcade shooter with some horror and roguelite elements. There’s “raid-style” missions, and the game will be fast and furious. In addition to this, a full year of new content is planned post release, with the developer noting that the earlier you pick the game up the less it’ll cost you. This may be one roguelite you want to check out as soon as possible.

Revolver Phantasm is being developed by hologram, who also developed sci-fi horror game Erasure. The game is set to release on July 24th, and you can find it on here.

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