Dead by Daylight Adds Another Silent Hill Character

The Dead by Daylight Silent Hill chapter was an awesome addition that brought together one of the best multiplayer horror games with one of the best single player ones. However, it turns out Behaviour isn’t quite done yet.

Announced and made available yesterday, Behaviour revealed that Silent Hill’s resident police officer, Cybil Bennett, will be joining the cast of survivors. While this is great, this does come with one caveat: Cybil won’t be a unique character, but rather a special legendary costume for Heather Mason that lets her take on the appearance and animations of Cybil. Similar was done for Silent Hill nurse Lisa Garland.

If you happened to miss it, back in June Dead by Daylight got an expansion based on Silent Hill, which added a new map, killer, and survivor based on the series. This meant that you could play as Heather Mason while running away from Pyramid Head inside Midwich Elementary School. If adding Cybil is any indication, we may get some more characters down the line.

Dead by Daylight is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. You can grab the game here.

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