Last Oasis Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Giant Worms and Dueling Walkers

I know that many of you are sick of open-world crafting survival games. There seems to be a new one every month. They always promise the rocket-powered turbo sharks, and in the end all we get are buggy dolphins that keep spawning in the wrong place. But, do any of those games let you fight sandworms with giant sandboats? Well, Last Oasis does.

On a more personal note, my friends and I are pretty excited about Last Oasis. I had a lot of fun in Conan Exiles, mostly because I could gank noobs while my dong flapped blissfully in the breeze. You can hear more about that on our most recent podcast episode. While I might not be able to actually show my dong in Last Oasis (facts are unclear, possible dong unconfirmed), I can most certainly imply it by building the largest sandboat possible and giving it spinning rims. Or whatever the desert wasteland apocalypse sandboat equivalent to spinning rims is. “But Ted, doesn’t spinning rims mean you have a small dong?” Oh, well I guess you didn’t listen to the podcast then! Gotcha.

Anywho, the trailer shows off some combat, construction, and sandworms. How all of this will actually function in Last Oasis has yet to be seen. The game has yet to release into Early Access, with the only date given a vague Q1 2020. I’m eager to check it out, as it looks like an actually novel take on the genre. The worst part of any survival game is leaving your base behind to found a new one, and the constant knowledge that whatever you build will eventually be abandoned. In Last Oasis, you get to give your base legs and take it with you. If you want to know more, click here to check out the Last Oasis Steam store page.

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