Night Book Releases Occult FMV Horror This Month

Wales Interactive, developer of Night Book, confirmed that the FMV game with occult horror themes will release this month. Starting July 27, Night Book will be available on the PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, the Nintendo Switch, and iOS devices. Interested players can preorder the title now, either on Steam or the Nintendo Switch eShop. There are also demos available to try it out before you buy.

Night Book tells the story of an online interpreter. While doing her job, she’s tricked into reading an ancient book. Regrettably, instead of something fine like an old manuscript, it summons a demon into her home instead. Now beset with her new unwanted houseguest, Loralyn (Julie Dray, Avenue 5) finds herself in a horrific situation. Colin Salmon (Resident Evil, Arrow, Die Another Day) also provides talent.

Night Book Loralyn Julie Dray
Loralyn (Julie Dray) gets more than she bargained for with this interpreting gig.

All she wanted was to work remotely during her pregnancy. Instead of interpreting live calls from English to French, she now has to contend with the underworld invading her home. With her husband far away, and her mentally ill father under her care, Loralyn may find that she’ll need to make sacrifices. Though there’s one story, there are multiple different paths and endings determined by player choice. Produced by the people responsible for The Complex and Five Dates and co-developed by the Maid of Sker studio, it’s completely live and interactive, filmed remotely during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Every movie is different but working on Night Book was a truly unique experience. Shooting entirely under COVID restrictions meant that every assumption about how to make a movie had to be reconsidered. The project was shot entirely over Zoom with some scenes taking place across three countries simultaneously, with the actors setting up all their own camera kits and props.  It was a real honor to work on such an unusual project with so many talented people, and I hope everyone has as much fun playing Night Book as I did making it.

Alex Lightman, Night Book Director

With the increase in so many people working from home, it presents a brand-new angle for horror. The pre-purchases have a small discount if you want to pick up Night Book and start playing once it unlocks on the 27.