Puppet Combo Launches New Publishing Lable With Virtual Boy Inspired The Enigma Of Salazar House

The world of indie games is evolving. There was a time when developers had no hope of seeing any kind of distribution without a publisher. But the growing popularity of digital distribution gave rise to a whole new breed of developers. Without the need for a major company to harvest the disc crystals and telegraph the presses, small teams and even solo-devs have been able to grow their presence independently. Some are now even taking the next step beyond just making their own games. They’re using their substantial audiences to platform new creators. It’s a whole new brand of publishing based on artistic vision and belief in the project rather than just a bottom line. This is the mentality behind Torture Star Video, a new indie publishing label created and backed by indie horror rockstar Puppet Combo.

Best known for games like The Nun Massacre and The Glass Staircase, Puppet Combo is basically a household name in the indie horror crowd. He’s managed to amass a considerable following with his unique visual style, 90’s aesthetic, and quality scares. Not content with being just another humble indie dev, Mr. Combo is shooting to also be an indie publisher. His new label, Torture Star Video, will focus on, “high quality, story-based, movie length, games that can be completed in one or two sittings.” This includes both original Puppet Combo creations and new works from talented indie devs. Which brings us to the star of today’s story, Ignacio Maldonado. Creator of The Enigma of Salazar House, Maldonado’s unique visual style is looking to start the label off on the right track.

A Chilean developer, Ignacio Maldonado doesn’t have much of a following. Yet. I expect that to change pretty soon. Games like Faith and World of Horror have proven that fans are hungry for a polished retro-minimalist aesthetic. With The Enigma of Salazar House, Mr. Maldonado is asking, “what if the Virtual Boy actually looked good?” With a simple yet striking palate, the mixture of retro-pixel art and rotoscoped cut-scenes create a striking atmosphere. The game plays like a classic dungeon crawler, but spooky. So kinda like World of Horror mixed with Legend of Grimrock. I can definitely dig it.

As for the plot, I’ll let the Press Kit do the talking:

“Elisa, a young reporter, is sent to investigate the abandoned mansion of renowned author Jaime Salazar, who disappeared, along with his entire family in 1986. Setting out to find the truth of what happened in that house, she gets a lot more than she bargained for when she realizes the house of Salazar may not be totally abandoned…”

You wont have to wait long to get your hands on The Enigma of Salazar House. Mr. Maldonado’s first big title will be hosted on the new Torture Star Video itch.io page this Friday (6/19). Releasing for just $4, any self-respecting indie horror fan should check it out. Puppet Combo Patreon patrons will also receive the game and all future TSV titles. You can check out his Patreon and join by clicking here.

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