The Unliving Rising to Early Access October

The Unliving will come to Steam’s Early Access program this October, according to Team17 and RocketBrush Studio. Starting October 26, the rogue-lite real-time strategy RPG follows a powerful necromancer.

The Necromancer will strike down enemies before using their bodies to forge an undead army. With the power of the living dead, entire cities will be devastated and the greatest powers to protect the world from the Necromancer will fall. As someone with such close ties to the forces of life and death, not even dying will stop the Necromancer for long.

With procedurally-generated worlds and massive combinations of circumstances, no two games of The Unliving are exactly alike. As you defeat enemies, you’ll turn them into obedient undead soldiers. One can also sacrifice them to unleash powerful magic spells. Each time the Necromancer dies, they’ll be resurrected. That lets them keep their progression and unlocked content, making each attempt easier and easier. Various powerful bosses lurk in the darkness, eager to destroy the Necromancer. Each boss has its own fighting style, patterns, and skills. Collect various notes and pieces of information to learn why the Necromancer is immortal and his powerful magic.

The Unliving Shop Screenshot
The Unliving features charming pixel art and typical rogue-lite conventions, such as shops.

RocketBrush Studio is a developer and art outsourcing company that works with clients around the world. Their previous works include collaborations with Supercell, Romero Games, A Thinking Ape, and Paradox Interactive. The Unliving marks the studio’s debut game and combines aspects of action RPGs, real-time strategy titles, and rogue-lites.

Team17, founded in 1990, is a developer, gaming label, and partner for partners across the globe. The studio boasts a meaty portfolio of over 100 titles, including Overcooked!, Worms, and, of course, The Unliving.

The Unliving is available to Wishlist on Steam now. Following it will also be the easiest way for you to keep abreast of the latest news as it approaches its Early Access release. There’s a trailer for your perusal as well.