Ultra-Indie Daily Dose: Dark Day Afternoon Is A Delivery Driver Nightmare

Welcome back to another Ultra-Indie Daily Dose! Our indie horror today is reminiscent of The Hills Have Eyes and Cabin In The Woods. Both the developer and the game itself are called Dark Day Afternoon. In it, you play a courier sent to deliver a package at an obviously shady home.

Dark Day Afternoon takes place in a mysterious dungeon-like home. Dark, rust covered walls create a maze while you look for various recordings in order to find out what is going on. The pacing and atmosphere create an experience that gets more and more suspenseful the closer you get to the end. And the sizes of the furniture are kind of off, implying the inhabitants of the home are 10′ gians or you are playing as a Koksol Baba sized person.

Dark Day Afternoon is a submission for the Haunted PS1 Halloween Jam. You can try it for yourself for free on itch.io by clicking here.

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