Upcoming Kickstarter Game Lethal Honor: Essence Is A Strategic Isometric Hack n’ Slash Horror

Another title from Playstation Talents, an initiative to help game developers in Spain, is the upcoming Lethal Honor: Essence. This roguelite game meshes hack n’ slash gameplay with an emphasis on positioning and strategy. Fighting waves of powerful enemies, going into an encounter without a plan of attack is a fast way to die. 

Lethal Honor: Essence is a beat-em-up game where you play as a katana-wielding agent for the “Lethal Honor” organization. A super soldier who specializes in hunting paranormal creatures, you are humanity’s last hope for defeating the rampaging tide of eldritch creatures that threatens all life. 

The cell-shaded style of this title is certainly eye catching. Lethal Honor: Essence looks straight out of a comic book, with one scene in the trailer having the black, white, and red color scheme of Sin City. 

For more information or to support the project, you can check out the Kickstarter page for Lethal Honor: Essence by clicking here

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