You Will Die Here Tonight, At Least Later This Year

If you’re still enamored with the classic Resident Evil series, there may be something out there to whet your whistle. Specifically, You Will Die Here Tonight, which takes inspiration from the golden era of survival horror. Trapped in a mansion and cut off from your team, you’ll be able to experience the horror when it launches on Steam later this year.

Breckenridge Estate carries evil within its walls, and it’s up to the ARIES Division to investigate. Take control of the six members of the team, each with their own capabilities, and struggle to survive. Some of you may die, but it’s a sacrifice you’ll have to be willing to make. Your death can empower or imperil your fellow teammates depending on the circumstances. Whether even one of you will be able to discover the darkness lurking within or simply escape with your life is left in the air.

You Will Die Here Tonight Ashley Coffin
Ashley, a member of ARIES, checks a particularly juicy coffin.

Run around avoiding enemies in third person, and switch to first-person arcade combat when they finally catch up to you. If you’ve played Resident Evil: Gaiden or Dead Aim you may be able to pick up the vibe quickly enough. All of it is pre-rendered environments and characters that bring to mind the best of classic survival horror combined with modern gameplay sensibilities.

“The story I always tell about the inspiration to make this game was renting the first Resident Evil as a kid but not owning a memory card for my PlayStation. I had no way of saving my progress, so I had to try and beat the game in a single sitting. I will never forget how intense that was. I remember getting run over by boulders in the caverns section of the game or having my head sliced off by a hunter leaping in from off-screen. I have never felt this amount of tension in a survival horror game since, so I wanted to recreate my experiences and share that with others through our game.”

Jonathan Williams, Creative Director, Spiral Bound Interactive

Developer and publisher Spiral Bound Interactive call You Will Die Here Tonight their first title. Jonathan Williams and Alex Schearer founded the Seattle-based studio in 2020. Combined, they have over two decades of game development experience ranting from Red Dead Redemption to Tumblestone and Superliminal.