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DREAD X Collection 2 Press Kit



Dread XP
Based in Los Angeles, California

Founding date:
August 30th, 2019


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DREAD X Collection Vol. 1
DREAD X Collection Vol. 2
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Dread X Collection 2 is a horror anthology as a game. 12 short games made in 10 days gives a slice of different horror worlds coming together. There is a metagame layered on top of them to tell a greater narrative. The theme of this collection is “Lovecrafting.”



Dread X Collection 2 is being produced by Ted Hentschke, Patrick Ewald, and Starlightskyes from Dread XP. Dread XP was originally a media company focused on horror games but has decided to branch into game publishing. Instead of the traditional method of publishing, they decided for their first project to work with developers to make short games which is a staple of the indie horror genre.



Continuing the ominous story of the Dread X Collection, you awaken one morning to find yourself trapped within a spooky mansion. But this isn’t just your ordinary, “full of ghosts and monsters,” spooky mansion. Soon after you open your eyes, a voice comes over the loudspeaker. Bad news: you’re infected with the Cognitovirus. Good News: you might be able to cure it. By solving the house’s many puzzles and playing all the spooky games, you just might take the first step towards saving not only yourself, but the world.


  • 12 unique horror tiles, all with wildly different interpretations of “Lovecrafting”
  • New interactive launcher that’s a full game in and of itself
  • Continued story from the first Dread X Collection, giving more insight into the terrifying world of Dread
  • Narrator Leo Wiggins returns as the enigmatic scientist who just might hold the key to our survival…
  • 10-15 hours of playtime
  • Features a “story mode” and a “free play” mode for people just looking to see all the games without solving puzzles


SQUIRREL STAPLER by David Szymanski

Inspired by the old hunting games of the 90’s. Learn fun squirrel facts while you explore the woods on the hunt for woodland critters. Take your fuzzle little trophy and staple them to your beloved. She needs a new body. Maybe also meet an Elder God. Hunting is fun!

FPS retro hunting game


Touched by an Outer God by Steve Gabry and Mike Thomas

An action roguelike from the creators of Immure and Sally Face. Kill monsters with blood and bone, then eat their parts to gain their power. This unique horror shooter features crisp hand-drawn enemies and a randomized upgrade system ensuring no two playthroughs are the same.

FPS action-horror


SOLIPSIS by Daniel Mullins

It’s funny that you became an astronaut. As a child, you were haunted by nightmares of the moon growing a monstrous face. Now, here you are. Hunting for mundane geological formations on the moon’s surface. All routine. Or so it seems…

2-D top down/ live action footage. Exploration, puzzle



From the creator of World of Horror, Panstasz brings his unique MS paint art style to The Thing in the Lake. Play through a series of short stories involving plenty of murder and mystery as you unravel what horrors lie deep below the surface of this placid lakeside resort.

Minimal pixel art, puzzle


Arcadletra by Vidas Timore and Abbey Smith

A mysterious package. An empty electronics store. A frail voice beckoning you to save them. An unspeakable monster lurking around every corner. Embark on a journey beyond the edges of our reality and into the world of the unknown.

First person camera, narrative walking simulator


Charlotte’s Exile by John Szymanski

What would you do to bring your love back? Would you delve deep into ancient knowledge? Decode a forbidden language? Brave the horrors of the Thing that Lurks? A puzzle horror game reminiscent of Five Nights at Freddy’s, Charlotte’s Exile will test both your wit and willpower.

Point and click, stationary


Undiscovered by Torple Dook

Can you make a found footage game? Hell yeah you can! A found footage game featuring a unique second-person perspective, Undiscovered tells the story of two archaeologists exploring a previously undiscovered ancient ruin. Set in the 1940s, explore the cursed eldritch tomb and escape from undead skeletal conquistadors.

Exploration, puzzle


To The End of Days by Scythe Dev Team

The end of the world is here and you’re trying to get to your family before it’s too late. Good thing you got your lucky shotgun-axe. It’s a shotgun. It’s also an axe. You get the picture.

FPS, action-horror


Sucker for Love by AkaBaka 

You’ve summoned the Elder God. And she’s a cutie. Can you get your smooch before she destroys reality?

Dating visual novel


The Toy Shop by Mahalek

Welcome to the Toy Shop! In this magical land of wonder, everyone is having fun! Just be sure to avoid that mean ol’ shopkeeper. And those nasty rejected toys. But don’t worry! They’re mostly underground anyways.

FPS, platformer, exploration


Another Late Night by Secret Cow Level

It’s a night like any other. You whittle away the midnight hours on messages boards, falling down Wikipedia rabbit holes, watching your favorite streamer… but tonight is a little different. A mysterious message sends you down a different kind of rabbit hole. One that you might not escape from.

Point and click, narrative


The Diving Bell by Bathysfear Labs

Deep beneath the calmly ebbing tides and the crystal blue sky, a research facility sits on the precipice of an unfathomable abyss. Something within the yawning maw has reached out to you. Beckoning you to join them in the cold dark. Can you resist the call?

Exploration, puzzle


Ted Hentschke as Executive Producer

Patrick Ewald as Executive Producer

Starlightskyes as Communications Director and Producer

Key art and logo by Cleveland Mosher

Trailer Music by Detune 

Launcher by James Wragg (Lovely Hellplace) and Grzegorz Wątroba 

QA by Cleveland Mosher, Minnie, Alex Chang, Zeenigami

VO Leo Wiggins and Abbey Smith

Comic Art Rourke Keegan