Aquanox Deep Descent Brings The Classic Submersible Series Into The Current Gen

Over 15 years since the last Aquanox game hit store shelves, a new title is on the horizon. Aquanox Deep Descent is a reimagining of the series by developer Digital Arrow. This new and improved revamp of the underwater dogfighting game now has not only a campaign but also co-op and several multiplayer deathmatch modes.

Aquanox Deep Descent takes place in a world now completely underwater. With humanity now living within submerged habitats in the depths, they have taken their violent tendencies with them. War continues to rage within the deep blue seas, and in Aquanox Deep Descent you play as an ace submarine pilot, doing your part within the world wide water war.

Aquanox Deep Descent will be available on October 16th. For more information, you can check out their website by clicking here.

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