Buddy Simulator 1984 Brings Buddies to Nintendo Switch

Buddy Simulator 1984 will come to your Nintendo Switch just in time for the Halloween season. Publisher Feardemic will be available in the Nintendo Store shortly. Of course, you can also find the 2021 adventure on Steam, too. In both cases, picking up a copy of your new friend will run you $9.99 or your local equivalent. There’s also a demo to try before you buy.

Advances in technology have allowed us to create next-generation artificial intelligence. Now you can access a buddy whenever you want for as long as you want. The Anekom OS makes it possible. Your buddy will learn and adapt to your personality and even play games with you! It’s like the experience of touching grass or going out for groceries without the bugs and strangers. Finally, someone you can really trust and rely on and who will not disappoint you. When you tell it your favorite color, you buddy will remember that, of course, it’s green. Whether it’s rock, paper, scissors or a good old game of hangman, you’ll learn alongside your buddy and become the closest of friends. You can also help the scientific community make leaps and bounds when it comes to the future of AI.

Buddy Simulator 1984 Screenshot Town
Buddies stick together out on the town, touching grass and using nicknames.

Not a Sailor Studios works out of Chicago. Four students came together to create indie games. Their works include A Game About Literally Doing Your Taxes, Buddy Simulator 1984, and Mulligan, their latest project.

Feardemic Games publishes computer games and related products, with a special emphasis on horror. They seek to deliver quality, evocative entertainment that brings up dread, fear, and revulsion. The full-service publisher and investor is a subsidiary of Bloober Team SA (The Medium, Layers of Fear) and works out of Krakow, Poland.