Deadness Bringing VR Nightmares this Month

Starting February 22, you can check out Deadness, a horror VR chiller set in an old research facility. It’ll be on Steam VR, Viveport, and the Valve Index on release. To enjoy the game, you will require an HTC VIve or Valve Index device.

The main gimmick in Deadness is that the player can only use their hands. Confined to a wheelchair, they will have to uncover the facility’s secrets and how they wound up in such a desolate place with their wits. Something horrible has happened here, however, and hideous creatures roam the crumbling halls. You can’t kill that which has already died. Instead, you’ll have to quickly hide and evade them if you wish to survive. Can you escape in time, or will you become another victim among the scattered debris?

Deadness Screenshot Wheelchair
As someone who’s spent a little time in a wheelchair, at this point that you should consider the 180. One wheel forward, another back.

While creating Deadness, the developers focused on making the game as immersive and realistic as possible. The graphics feature a naturalistic bent, and there’s a heavy emphasis on atmosphere. You can see for yourself in the gloomy, depressing state of the building. And, like a real manual wheelchair, you can only move anywhere by using your arms to turn the wheels. ALIEN Studio emphasized the game’s intuitive controls, making navigation an easy task, at least in theory. It also touts its unsettling setting on its Steam page.

“You are going to feel utterly helpless. This game will give you nightmares… This is no game anymore!”

Deadness Steam description

ALIEN Studio debuts with Deadness, its ultra-realistic VR horror game. Founded in 2003, ALIEN Studio puts a special emphasis on 3D graphics, animation, and visual effects. This emphasis places them as one of the leaders in the Slovakian markets. Their passion for photorealistic graphics inspired the team to implement their knowledge and experience into producing a VR game.