Minecraft Group Everbloom Games Releases Incredible Tribute To Alien Artist H.R. Giger

Despite his incredible and unique art, there are not too many video games that channel the style fo H.R. Giger. Obviously there is Alien Isolation, as well as the upcoming game Scorn, and true Giger-heads will no doubt have recurring nightmares of the absolutely harrowing Ecco The Dolphin final boss. But other than that, there’s not a whole lot. 

Thankfully, Minecraft has provided the creative outlet necessary for the Giger community to create their own. Everbloom Games, a “team of professional, innovative, and experienced Minecraft creators,” has created a chilling and hauntingly beautiful trible to the late H.R. Giger.  In a video uploaded to their youtube channel, the tribute displays some truly impressive feats that take Minecraft to the absolute limit. The video shows a recreation of that alien telescope painting, a massive hologram of a galaxy, and a number of other images that I literally cannot hope to put into words. 

Everbloom Games has a number of other builds in Minecraft, all of which are free to download. You can check out their website here and download the Giger tribute for yourself here, or check out their Youtube channel and see their other content here

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