From Creator Of PC P.T. Remake, Death of Rose Officially Returns With Significant Changes [Official Statements From Developer]

Good news for fans of Polish indie developer Artur Łączkowski’s work. The creator of the PC P.T. Remake and the recreated Silent HIlls map, Artur was set to debut his first original title back in February. Titled Death of Rose, this title looked to be heavily influenced by Silent Hills and Firewatch. Unfortunately, it seems the curse of P.T. was real, and Death of Rose soon found a similar fate. Still, fans held out hope that the title would be reborn. Those hopes were rekindled last week when an anonymous source began sending out a leaked trailer to various outlets. I reached out to Artur for permission to post the trailer, which he granted. At the time, he wasn’t ready to state if the game was back in development. Well, as of today, it’s official. Death of Rose is back.

While still a bit vague, this does clear a few things up. Fans of the project were understandably confused by the disclaimer in the trailer, so we do have confirmation that these were actually scenes from the game. I reached out to Artur for some further comments on Death of Rose. Here is what he had to say:

“The Ray Tracing trailer was created as a test, but this scene is from the game. Just in a different form. The game is set to release in a month or two, not longer. It’s heavily inspired by Stranger Things and the 80’s. It’s also no longer a straight horror game, but a mystery adventure.”

This statement left me with some significant questions. Mainly, was horror still a component of the game? Is that monster from the first trailer still in it? Is it still called Death of Rose? Here was Artur’s reply.

“Not straight horror, more of a mystery. The monster is no longer in it. And yes, it is still called Death of Rose.

She’s out

He continued on to describe the overall premise:

Scott is a high school radio show host with his best friend Beth as the producer. Every night, listeners call in to the show. One day, the calls he receives begin to change. Will Scott be able to handle the pressure and help his listeners in this interactive adventure inspired by the 1980s? This is a working description, but should give you the overall idea of Death of Rose.

That’s all the information I got today about Death of Rose. Hopefully, a new Steam page will be up soon with even more details. So stay tuned.

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