Serious Sam 4 Announcement Comes With New Trailers And Massive Steam Sale

I’ve long said that Croatian developer Croteam are the last of the true video game auteurs, creating magnificent work of avant-garde art in the form of the Serious Sam series, a first-person shooter that boils down the genre into its most pure essence. Now a new game is on the horizon. 

Serious Sam is about earth’s strongest warrior, Sam “Serious” Stone, a wraparound sunglasses and jeans wearing dude who must fight off the monster hordes of an evil extraterrestrial being known as Mental. There is no waist-high cover and no incentive to stand still for even a second while you strafe and shoot thousands of enemies with weapons ranging from the double-barrel shotgun to a cannonball launcher. 

Croteam announced today that Serious Sam 4 is coming soon. In addition to the teaser trailer above, their website now links to a Serious Sam Steam page sale, that has five other videos detailing what new features this newest installment has in store for us. Among other features shown in the new videos was a hint at something called the Legion System. This new system allows for rendering literally thousands of enemies on screen at any given time. 

Of course, this also must be offset by guns capable of shooting all these enemies. Serious Sam 4 will have full auto shotguns, a laser cannon, a chainsaw launcher, and more that will be included with this new title. It looks like a return to form for one of the most fun FPS games of all time. 

You can check out all the videos by visiting the Serious Sam Steam page here. While you’re at it, you can pick up some of the earlier titles, many of which are up to 90% off. 

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