Orwell’s Animal Farm Is A Visual Novel Based On An Actual Novel

Who doesn’t love a nice piece of literature turned into a video game. Especially a book that explores poignant political message. Indie studio Nerial, best known for the Reigns series, are soon releasing a game based on George Orwell’s novel, called Orwell’s Animal Farm. Working in conjunction with the Orwell estate, Orwell’s Animal Farm seems to be one part visual novel, one part resource management.

As with the original text, Orwell’s Animal Farm will follow the story of a farm where the farmers are expelled, and the farm animals form a farm dictatorship of the farm proletariat. But authority is a corrupting force. The main theme of Animal Farm is how power can turn even the oppressed into the oppressors.

There is little information about how Orwell’s Animal Farm will play out. As the Steam page reads, “guide its leaders. All animals are equal. You decide which animals are most equal of all.” That last sentence is the most intriguing to me. Does the game let you choose a more positive outcome than the book? Or are even good-natured players doomed to become the villains? Multiple endings are always a plus, but so too are games that force you to make unfortunate decisions.

Orwell’s Animal Farm has no release date, but the Steam page states it is planned for sometime this year. For more information or to wishlist the game, check out the Steam page here. And to keep up with any new news, follow them on Twitter here.

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