Someday You’ll Return Puts You Through Hell To Save Your Daughter

Okay, someone has to tell me the last time something good happened in the woods. If horror films have taught me anything, nature reserves serve only as hunting grounds for ghoulish monsters to snack on hapless teens. I’m already not a fan of camping, what with all the shitting in bushes and using moss as toilet paper. You add anything spookier than a friendly Bigfoot to the mix, and I’m out.

That being said, they do make a mighty fine setting for your spooky video games. In that regard, developer CBE Softwareis using the setting quite nicely. Set in the Czech Moravian forest (which I have been assured is far better than inferior American or Scandinavian forests), Someday You’ll Return tasks you with confronting your past to save your daughter. You play as Daniel, whos daughter Stela has run away from home. While on her trail, you find yourself plunging back into the forest you swore you’d never return to. Why did you swear to never return? I’m guessing that’s where all the sweet sweet psychological horror comes in.

While Someday You’ll Return is obviously terrifying (just look at it), it’s also seeking to be deeply touching. It doesn’t appear to be all demons and death right off the bat. Much of the game involves using survival skills to figure out the path forward. You’ll do some crafting, figure out which herbs are the good ones, follow tracks, and even use your smartphone. This is 2020, after all. Camping no longer means you can’t check out all the latest horror game news on

No excuses

If you want to add Someday You’ll Return to your Wishlist, you can check out the game’s Steam store page by clicking here. It launches April 14th for some undisclosed amount of human cash dollars. If you’re an Xbox or PS4 gamer, you’ll have to wait for Someday You’ll Return to return on consoles later this year.

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