Resident Evil Netflix Series Rumored To Start Shooting In June

I usually do my best to steer clear of the rudders of the rumor mills. That’s how you let yourself get swept up in the torrent of hype that inevitably leads to the dark side. But I tend to make an exception when the subject of the rumors is Netflix. Hell, Netflix puts out 12 shows a day at this point. At that rate, chances are they’ll put out a Resident Evil show just by accident. Deadline also already confirmed in early 2019 that a Netflix Resident Evil adaptation is in the works. So I guess it’s about time we started getting even more rumors and leaks about it.

The oil greasing the wheels of the rumor industry comes this week from Redanian Intelligence. A site dedicated to bringing you all the latest and greatest The Witcher TV show news, they went a bit off-script this week by posting some non-Geralt of Rivia related content. According to Redanian, a leaked production list gives us the first glimpse of the future Resident Evil show. Here’s what they found:

If you need some help translating, the image gives us a few basic details. The show will feature 8 episodes, at 60 minutes apiece. Shooting will run from June to October in South Africa. Production will also be handled by Constantin Film, which is the company behind the Resident Evil film series There is no official news on a showrunner, cast, plot, or anything else like that. According to the original Deadline article, the show will keep the, “same basic premise [as the video games].” As to what the fuck that actually means, I have no idea. The Resident Evil plot at this point is more confusing than corporate tax law and with about as many glaring holes.

Personally, I hope they skip the whole mansion and go straight into Revelations 2. Not because it has the best plot. Just because I have no idea what the fuck is going on in Revelations 2, and would like someone to explain it to me. Is Umbrella a good guy now or something? At any rate, what would you like to see in a Resident Evil Netflix series? What characters/plotline is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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