More Rumors Of A Possible Plot Leak For Netflix’s Resident Evil Series

Boy, it sure has been a week for potential film/tv adaptations of popular video games. First, we had Christophe Gans saying he’s working on both a new Silent Hill film and a Fatal Frame movie. Soon after, we had news of a possible leaked filming date for Netflix’s Resident Evil series. Now, we have a possible plot synopsis for that same Resident Evil series.

The Brazilian fansite Resident Evil Database recently reported that they had reached out to the Netflix press office and received official confirmation of the new Resident Evil series. They also report that the Netflix digital media center had released a statement on the series’ plotline. However, soon after publishing the story, Netflix issued a statement that it had not confirmed the series, and the reported synopsis is nowhere to be found. However, Resident Evil Database had taken a screenshot of the reported synopsis, which you can find below.

Here is a translation of the information:

“The city of Clearfield, Maryland, has long lived under the shadow of three seemingly disconnected entities: Umbrella Corporation, the now retired Greenwood Asylum and the federal capital, Washington. Now, twenty-six years after the discovery of the T-Virus, the secrets kept by the trio are beginning to surface, with the first signs of the epidemic. 

You can still find the release if you use the Wayback Machine, so chances are this leak is legit. Still, take it all with a grain of salt. There’s a good chance that the synopsis released won’t be the final one, especially since filming hasn’t even started yet. Shows can change all the time, and without an official showrunner, this could be basically placeholder text. Still, it’s a juicy bit of gossip to keep the sails of the S.S. Rumors full for another few weeks.

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