Ultra-Indie Daily Dose: Play Through A Virtual Album In Electric Highways

Hello, you glorious gluttons for all things indie horror! Are you just starving for the newest of the new, the most unknownest of the unknown? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to the Ultra-Indie Daily Dose! In this series, we’re going to pick a new game every day from an indie horror creator you’ve probably never heard of. No million-dollar budgets or factory productions. This is the space for the little guy with not but a developer toolkit and a dream. So if you’re down to roll the dice on something different, then stick around and check it out!

Our Daily Dose of indie horror today is not horror in the typical sense. Although it certainly got a few jumps out of me, more often than not, it felt like smoking weed for the first time. Electric Highways is a game by itch.io developer Zykoveddy. In it you play as a person exploring their own virtual reality world. 

It’s more accurate to call Electric Highways a playable album rather than a video game. There are ten levels of which you explore, mostly roaming around observing the strange and occasionally startling images around you (though there are a few instances where they give you a pipe and you go hog wild on furniture). It’s not as scary as most horror. But as far as psychedelic games go, Electric Highways is fantastic.

The game will take about a half-hour, with 10 little “songs” that shouldn’t take you more than a few minute. You can try Electric Highways for yourself on itch.io by clicking here

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