S.C.A.R Is a Retro FPS That Lets You Kick Demon A.S.S

The best thing in the world is goofy acronyms, and S.C.A.R has one of those. According to its Steam page, it stands for Simulating Carnage And Rockets, but honestly, it’s just a great acronym and it already makes me love the game behind it. That game, for the record, is a retro FPS with fast-paced action, tons of demons to murder, and a crazy shotgun that looks like it can hold an absurd amount of shells. The perfect tool for when you need to slide into the middle of a group of enemies and unload on them, something you should always need to do.

While there’s certainly a whole new swarm of retro FPS games coming out lately, likely inspired by the phenomenal Dusk, its certainly a welcome return. We now have so many of these games to choose from, and it looks like S.C.A.R will be another solid entry to the list. The game is completely unashamed to bring its retro leanings with it, and it appears to just love all of that classic goodness that you’d expect from the genre. After all, there really is something special about jumping through portals and bunny hopping over demons so you can kill them.

Not that it doesn’t have a few new ideas to throw in the mix. One of the big features is that your character has a grappling hook. Want to yell “GET OVER HERE” while pulling a monster closer to you? Feel the need to get to a higher ledge without possibly hurting yourself in a rocket jump? This grappling hook is going to be an important tool then, and you’ll need it to help you do battle with the demon hoards.

If all of this sounds good to you, S.C.A.R will be launching into Early Access on July 16th, 2020. Make sure you throw the game on your wishlist now so you remember to grab it in a month, and maybe try out the free demo while you’re there.

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