Killer Frequency Spinning Vinyl Later This Year

Wake up babe, new genre just dropped. Killer Frequency, a “DJ horror-comedy” experience, will come to the Meta Quest 2 and Steam (Flat Screen Mode) later this year. Save a few lives and spread vibes as a radio station DJ. Support Killer Frequency with a Wishlist on Steam, as there is no definite release date just yet.

Set in a Midwestern American town in the 1980s, a serial killer is on the loose and hungry for victims in Gallows Creek. While you’re working the graveyard shift at the local radio station, panicked callers (complete with full voice acting) will call you for help. Your task is to help them survive. Solve puzzles, gather clues, and find them pockets of safety while playing bangers. You can also explore the studio, which offers more than a full square kilometer’s worth of details and equipment, between calls. Don’t forget about interacting with tech from the era, either. You can play around with a working turntable and cassette player when you aren’t on the switchboard. Pay attention, though, since these decisions and distractions are all in real time. Since your goal is ostensibly to help as many survive as possible, you’ll encounter plenty of branching paths and multiple endings. And you’ll meet some Small Town Eccentrics™ along the way, if you’re into the charm of a bucolic lifestyle.

Killer Frequency Radio Station KFAM 189.16
It’s no 104.5 DK but it’ll do.

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