Hermitage: Strange Case Files Releasing Internationally This Summer

After its launch in China, Hermitage: Strange Case Files will be coming to the rest of the world thanks to Giiku Games. Featuring a rather sinister bookstore and its uncanny customers, the localization will come to the PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Steam later this summer.

Hermitage is a bookshop situated on a lonely street corner. It’s a beacon for bookworms and collectors of the truly bizarre. The store manager appraises the customers as they come in. One day, a customer comes in searching for books on disturbing and incredibly lucid dreams of a ritual. Players control the bookshop owner, a one-time anthropology professor who hasn’t been seen outside of Hermitage. They’ll work with a hacker on the run, someone calling themselves a detective, and a hotheaded legal consultant. Together, they’ll unravel the mystery behind horrific incidents. They’ll have to take on the supernatural horrors hiding amid the books and paraphernalia at Hermitage.

Hermitage: Strange Case Files Screenshot Dialogue
Hermitage: Strange Case Files will feature both visual novel-style gameplay and good old-fashioned investigative work.

Players will have to interview and analyze the various characters and piece together what’s really going on. Choices can unlock various new storylines and discover new leads through the right dialogue choices. Piecing together the various clues will require gumshoeing through the multi-layered story.

Giiku Games, the publisher, focuses on anime-inspired and Asian games for the PC and consoles. Previous releases published by the company include anime MMO Florensia and Detective Kobayashi, a mystery visual novel.

Arrowiz works on story-driven games. Other titles developed by the studio include Beats Fever and Beats Fever Paper as well as Cairo’s Tale: The Big Egg.

Hermitage: Strange Case Files and its localization will come to Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, the Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android systems this summer. A specific release date has not yet been announced. You can currently Wishlist it on Steam along with a demo.