NACON Connect 2021, Recapped

The 2021 NACON Connect featured updates on plenty of upcoming games. There were over a dozen trailers depicting upcoming Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and PlayStation 5 owners will want to keep an eye on.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong made an appearance. One of the three playable characters, Galeb, is a 300-year-old vampire. He’s crucial to the story regarding the Camarilla, a secret society that tends to govern vampire society.

2021 NACON Connect Vampire: The Masquerade Swansong Bite
You’ll sink your teeth into all these offerings soon enough.

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum is an upcoming stealth adventure. As one could expect, the player becomes Gollum as he attempts to retrieve his Precious lost ring. It’s up to the player if he succumbs to the darkness or if the wretched creature’s reason can shine through.

Steelrising takes place in an alternate-history 18th-century Paris. There’s plenty of combat to be had in this action RPG, but one small misstep can lead to your untimely death. It also features some cool robot designs.

Blood Bowl 3 is a gory, over-the-top new sport. Coming in February 2022, you’ll manage your team in a campaign mode. Engage in the fantasy football aesthetic based on the classic board game.

RoboCop: Rogue City is a licensed FPS featuring the titular law enforcement officer. Teyon, the developer, will focus on the city of Detroit. It will be an original work set in the RoboCop universe.

Roguebook will get a free update in the near future. The roguelike deckbuilder launched successfully last month, on June 17. There’s plenty of new content coming when the updates drops.

Ad Infinitum is a new horror game franchise with an emphasis on story. You’ll explore the horrific nightmares of a veteran of World War I. The cinematic trailer came to the 2021 NACON Connect to show off the bleak atmosphere.

2021 NACON Connect Ad Infinitum Screenshot
You’ll explore the horrors of war in Ad Infinitum when it releases.

Rogue Lords is an upcoming roguelike with a twist. You’ll take control of the Devil himself, and cheat to win. Manipulate stats and conditions to bring yourself closer to greater power. The Devil always gets his due, and he can do just that starting September 30.

Clash: Artifacts of Chaos is under development by the creators of Zeno Clash. Journey throughout the strange and wondrous world of Zenozoik, taking down the realm’s best warriors while you try to respect the mysterious Ritual.

Session is a skateboarding title from crea-ature Studios Inc. Professional skater Daewon Song extolled its virtues. They also took the time to announce a new update, available now on Steam, Xbox Series X|S, and the Xbox One.

Rugby 22, releasing in 2022, also got a new trailer for the 2021 NACON Connect.

RIMS Racing announced preorders for the PC and various consoles. The Bloody Beetroots will contribute to the game’s original soundtrack.

2021 NACON Connect RIMS Racing Screenshot
The Bloody Beetroots will contribute towards the soundtrack for RIMS Racing.

WRC 10 will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the FIA World Rally with a new edition. Nine-time champion Sebastien Loeb appeared as a guest to reveal more about the celebration.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown got a new cinematic trailer, too. The setting will feature the beautiful city streets of Hong Kong. Amaury Beyris and Alain Jarniou, the Game Director and Creative Director at KT Racing, discussed the game’s features during the 2021 NACON Connect.

Lastly, the LIFE series are simulators. Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator puts the player in charge of a restaurant, and all its responsibilities. Hotel Life: A Resort Simulator will have players run a hotel. Train Life: A Railway Simulator will come to Early Access July 15, and let the player drive trains and manage the development of the rail company.

2021 NACON Connect LIFE series key art
You’ll have all sorts of opportunities to make a paradise (or hellish experience) for your guests.

The 2021 NACON Connect is about 45 minutes long, available on YouTube, and linked above. The 2021 NACON Connect also includes various new pieces of hardware, if you’re in the market for an upgrade.