State of Survival and The Walking Dead Crossing Over

Mobile game State of Survival is doing another crossover, and this time it’s with AMC’s The Walking Dead.

The popular mobile strategy game is no stranger to crossovers, and this time around Daryl Dixon will be joining the team. In a video made by Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl in the show, he explains that his character is joining State of Survival. He then raises his fists and seemingly challenges the player to a fight. I don’t think I could win a fist fight against Norman Reedus, so I’ll have to turn that offer down at the current time.

This is the first major crossover for State of Survival since the game launched about a year ago. For the most part, it’s probably known thanks to some rather goofy ads, such as one where a wheelchair-bound grandmother pulls a chaingun out of thin air and turns herself into a turret that mows down swarms of zombies. It’s a pretty fantastic ad actually and I 100% suggest watching it.

You can grab State of Survival on your phone right now, and The Walking Dead crossover will run from April 15th until some time in October.

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