Trash Sailers Is the Co-Op Nautical Adventure Game Where You Can Get Scurvy And Tetanus

Who doesn’t love a swashbuckling adventure. Raising masts, swabbing the decks, splitting lungs with blood and thunder, and of course, getting scurvy. And what’s more fun than getting scurvy with friends? Players have shown that nautical nonsense does in fact be something we wish, with the popularity of games such as Sea of Thieves and Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked. Now a new title by tinyBuild is on the horizon, and it looks like garbage. But in a cool way.

Trash Sailors is a game that takes place in a world hit by a “trash tsunami,” which flooded all the land and left the survivors trapped on makeshift rafts. It’s a bit like Waterworld. As you sail around looking for useful bits of garbage floating around to create new raft upgrades, monsters will attempt to take you down. The team must work together in order to fight off the sharks, crocodiles, walruses, and more, all while grabbing as much trash as your ship can carry. 

What is most impressive about Trash Sailors thus far is the graphics. Everything seems to be hand drawn, with art reminiscent of Don’t Starve. The stylistic choices (along with the premise itself) suggest that this isn’t a game to be taken seriously, but all the same, Trash Sailors looks like a ton of fun. 

You can check out and wishlist the game on Steam by clicking the link here. You can also join the Trash Sailors Discord channel by following the link here

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