Gord Reveals Gameplay, Dev Commentary Trailer

Upcoming dark fantasy strategy title Gord revealed a new trailer yesterday. With over 15 minutes of gameplay, it shows off some of the game’s grim, gloomy world, its strategy gameplay, and the Slavic folklore that serve as inspiration. Expect Gord sometime in 2023,, though you are able to Wishlist it on Steam.

The trailer lets players take a peek at the city-building and community management aspects of the game. The player-driven adventure mechanics feature a ton of different choices for the player to make throughout their campaign. A fully-configurable ‘Custom Scenarios’ mode will allow you to make your own campaigns with minimal fuss.

Stan Just, Game Director and CEO at Covenant.dev, also offered a look at the various structures and settlements the player can build (known as Gords). A combat training facility allows you to outfit units with better gear, and a temple can increase their understanding of magic. Just also discussed the character-driven stories. Each citizen has a unique personality, wants, and needs in addition to their attributes. Their actions can influence player decisions and have a ripple effect in the in-game community’s social dynamics. Townsfolk can go hungry, grieve the loss of loved ones, and suffer illnesses that can have long-lasting repercussions.

Gord Screenshot Town
Build your little Gords in Gord.

Besides the town building, Just also demonstrated some of the real-time combat gameplay. He travels through a monster-infested swamp, tearing through the underbrush and monsters with a variety of melee weapons and spells.

Developer Covenant.dev operates out of Poland. It received an award last year as one of the ‘Best Workplaces in Poland,’ the first game development studio to do so. Its core team has experience with various Polish developers, including CD Projekt Red, 11 bit studios, and Flying Wild Hog. Gord is the studio’s first title.

Team17 Digital started out in 1990 as a developer, games label, and creative partner. The studio has grown considerably in the past three decades, with over 120 titles in its portfolio. Some of their award-winning and award-nominated brands include Hell Let Loose, Golf With Your Friends, The Escapists, and the Worms franchise.