Eastern European Horror Last Days Of Lazarus Announces 2021 Release Date

Last Days of Lazarus is an upcoming game by developer Darkania Works. Taking place in an almost-too-charming European town, one that looks like an Eastern Orthodox-style Thomas Kinkade painting, this idyllic setting is contrasted against deep visceral horror. Like a Fabergé Egg with a shoggoth living inside, Last Days of Lazarus is in a genre of its own. 

Last Days of Lazarus follows the story of a man named Lazarus, returning home to meet his sister after the death of their mother. Set in an already unusual post-Soviet European town, Lazarus finds the town overtaken by horrific fleshy tendrils. Reality and unreality bleed into each other, and he must find out the secrets of his family’s disturbing past in order to discover what is going on.

Last Days of Lazarus will be arriving sometime in 2021. You can wishlist the game on Steam by clicking here

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