Lust From Beyond To Feature Hardcore Sects

A new slightly more censored trailer for Lust From Beyond has just been uploaded to Youtube. Following the removal of their previous version, this new trailer gives us a clear idea of what to expect in their upcoming game. Lust From Beyond is an “erotic horror” inspired by the Beksinski, Lovecraft, and Giger. Combining the psychological with psychosexual, this new game is certainly not your average horror story.

In Lust From Beyond, you play as some unfortunate soul who stumbles into a typical H.P. Lovecraft scenario. The protagonist, Victor Halloway, an antiquarian who has experienced otherworldly dreams. Wet dreams, we can assume. To discover the meaning of these visions he joins the Cult of Ecstasy, a sect who are determined to use Victor’s visions to enter Lusst’ghaa, the Land of Ecstasy. Hopefully they bring some rubbers. 

This title may receive some scrutiny for its unusual premise, but it can’t be denied Lust From Beyond is trying something fresh. Art is supposed to challenge the audience, making them feel feelings they might not otherwise want to feel. Both arousal and disgust (or the unfortunate mix of both) are just as legitimate as any emotions for a horror game as fear. 

Lust From Beyond will be available on September 24th. You can wishlist the game on Steam by clicking here. Until then, you can play Lust From Beyond: Prologue by clicking here (must be logged in to view). 

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