Ghost Knight: A Dark Tale Offers Up Joyfully Spooky Fun

Sometimes it’s nice when something takes the whole spooky idea but uses it as a fun aesthetic rather than a totally horrifying one. It worked wonders for Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts after all. In a pretty similar vein, we have Ghost Knight: A Dark Tale, an upcoming 2.5d side scroller, looks like it took this lesson well.

The game takes place in a land called Lorentia. Unfortunately, Lorentia has a problem: Its been taken over by a man called the Mad King who, while trying really hard to live forever, also opens up a portal that lets all sorts of monsters slip through. Naturally this makes problems, problems that kill a lot of people. You’ll play as a knight who was buried in a mass grave, but gets the good luck of coming back to life. The knight has one goal: defeat the Mad King.

To do so you’ll get to play a game that doesn’t look too dissimilar from the aforementioned Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts. You’ll run from left to right, throwing spears, bombs, axes, and other objects that fly in an arc and hit things. The enemies are all spooky themed, but rather cute regardless. There’s a giant living tree, as there aught to be. It’s a good time to be had from all, except from the monsters you slay.

Ghost Knight: A Dark Tale doesn’t currently have a release date, but you can follow the game on Steam and put it on your wishlist here.

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