Your Nightmares Can Continue Anywhere as Neverending Nightmares Comes to the Switch

When a game has the name of Neverending Nightmares then the nightmares are literally never allowed to end. By law. Thankfully, they don’t have to, as a Nintendo Switch port of the game has been released and is now available.

Neverending Nightmares tells the story of Thomas, a man who is plagued by nightmares. Just these nightmares have a tendency to try and literally murder him. No one likes being murdered by their nightmares, so Thomas needs to figure out a way to fight back. Doing so means avoiding monsters while escaping from the hellscape that is your own mind. You really don’t want to be caught by the monsters either, as the way they kill you can be rather bloody.

Also, make sure you bring a source of light with you. The game features an impressive lighting system, which makes it so you can easily get ambushed if you don’t have a match or other source of light in your hands. It’s especially neat considering how the entire game is made in 2D and features black, white, and red hand-drawn art. Turns out you can make something terrifying with a limited set of tools.

If you’re ready to be scared on the go, Neverending Nightmares can be grabbed on the Nintendo Switch right now. You can also grab the game on Steam right now.

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