Shadow Puppet Platformer Projection: First Light Given September Release Date

Blowfish Studios announced a release date for their charming platformer game, Projection: First Light. Created by Sweaty Chair Studio (great name), Projection: First Light channels the aesthetic of Limbo and the adventure of Scribblenauts. It’s a platformer in the style of shadow puppets, with gameplay that actually has you manipulating shadows to solve puzzles.

Projection: First Light is the story of a girl named Gretta, who finds herself “blessed with the power to manipulate light.” Moving across time and space, Greta visits all manner of past and present, from the modern day cities to ancient Turkey. As she travels, she becomes more powerful “by enlisting the help of legendary heroes before facing off against mythological creatures while bringing light to the darkness.”

Projection: First Light will be arriving on September 29th. You can check out and wishlist the game on Steam by clicking here. And, you can try out the demo by clicking here

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