Konami Asks Fans to Maybe Chill A Little Bit Over Silent Hill Rumors

Somewhat recently a pair of 4chan rumors said that during Sony’s next State of Play they’ll be announcing a new Silent Hill game. While kind of fun to read, lets be honest, these rumors are rather unlikely. However it seeks Konami may have accidentally hyped people up and are now asking them to calm down a little bit.

It started when, on July 31st, Konami made the following tweet:

As you can see, the Tweet is little more than the famous siren from Silent Hill 2. They are right, for the record, it is always terrifying. Of course, with Konami’s official Twitter account tweeting about Silent Hill, this caused a frenzy of speculation, which then lead to another tweet.

So it turns out this is all Dead by Daylight‘s fault, a game that just got a Silent Hill update that added several characters to the game. Crisis adverted! You’d think Konami would know better than to tweet out about Silent Hill into the void like that, but hey. Mistakes happen.

…Or do they? Well, there was a third tweet, this time directing people to an official Silent Hill account for any new game announcements. Even weirder, this account is noticeably new, having only been created in July. So far all its actually done is retweet fan art and talk about Dead by Daylight‘s Silent Hill crossover, but still. It’s fun to speculate there was a reason this was made.

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