Death Stranding PC Pre-order Bonuses Promises So Many Hats

Kojima isn’t fooling around with Death Stranding‘s upcoming PC release. He knows what gamers, specifically PC gamers, want. The answer is hats. So many hats. They love hats. They need hats.So Kojima is giving them all the hats that they can handle. The answer is like two or three extra hats, but that’s still a pretty great deal so it’s worth picking the pre-order up for.

So what do you get if you pre-order on PC? Well, hats! Specifically, you’ll get both a gold and a silver version of the Bridges baseball cap. You can also get gold and silver versions of armor plates, sunglasses, and a speed skeleton that helps you deliver packages faster. In a rather hilarious note, you can also get a Half-Life crossover item in the form of a Headcrab you can wear on your head. There are also some HD wallpapers if you want to deck out your computer.

If you haven’t played Death Stranding yet, the game stars Sam Porter Bridges, played by the ever-lovable Norman Reedus. The game has him serving as one of the last delivery men in a world where people are separated. It’s Sam’s job to try and connect people by delivering packages. Along the way he has to avoid spooky ghost-like monsters that possess and murder, people trying to steal packages, and tripping. The last one is the deadliest of them all, naturally.

You can add Death Stranding to your wishlist by heading to its Steam page here, and nab it to be ready for its July 14th release. You can also grab the game on your PlayStation 4 right now.

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