Indiepocalypse Is A Digital Zine With A Collection Of Cool Indie Games

There’s been a longstanding problem with zines. For those who are unaware, zines are small indie magazines, generally filled with illustrations, poetry, political statements, and more. They used to be a lot more prominent, but they’re a fairly obscure medium in the 21st century.

That’s only because of the big problem I mentioned before; they’re not keeping up with the times! How can I turn up the brightness on a piece of paper, or swipe right on a comic I enjoyed?? Terrible. Thankfully, there is a new form of zine that is bringing the medium into the future: Indiepocalypse.

Indiepocalypse is a collection of games and demos from ten different developers (mmm, that sounds familiar). Created, or rather curated, by itch.io member PizzaPranks, each of these is wildly different, with a dozen different genres at play in each issue. More importantly, the zine allows these indie developers the chance to show off their stuff. As PizzaPranks states:

Games as a whole are a relatively young medium, but far more importantly one dominated by stories of extreme success. There is little attention given to the independent and ‘small press’ of games outside of those year’s mega-hits. One of the big problems is the people who would cover these games almost exclusively, are just as small (if not smaller) than the people making them. This lack of coverage leads to 5+ years projects that, to the public, launch surprisingly.

The Indiepocalypse zine also includes, of course, a digital zine. The zine is about the games included, with cover art, concept art, and more. Not only does this help pay indie devs, it also funds indie artists.

The full catalogue of Indiepocalypse can be found here. It seems the current month’s issue is priced at $15, going down to around $10 upon the next one’s release. You can also sign up for their Patreon by following the link here

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