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Uncover a Conspiracy in Maneater: Truth Quest

After becoming a terrifying omen of death, the next step is to take a bite out of a vast global conspiracy. Thankfully, you can both become a nightmarish predator of the deep and solve mysteries this summer. Maneater: Truth Quest is DLC for giant shark simulator Maneater. Developer and publisher Tripwire Interactive (Killing Floor 2, Red Orchestra series) shared the first details for the upcoming DLC earlier today. Billing itself as a “shARkPG,” players eat, prey, and shove their way to the top of the food chain.

The bull shark protagonist from the base game returns, along with narration from Chris Parnell (Saturday Night Life, Archer, Rick and Morty). Players must uncover and take down the enigma surrounding the setting of Port Clovis. The Naval Wildlife Organization, however, will not make the task an easy one. Parnell’s character, investigative journalist Trip Westhaven, attempts to reveal the organization’s dark secrets under the scorching light of truth. Conspiracy theorists pointed to the events of the original Maneater. What else could be the cause but government experimentation and a failed cover-up? No ordinary shark would have caused the hundreds of deaths during Maneater. While other tales of these mega-predators were laughed off as old fisherman’s tales, the truth was, in fact, out there.

Maneater: Truth Quest will feature two new episodes, a new region, and plenty of other content. The DLC will raise the level cap to 40, include five new organ evolutions, and increase the shark’s maximum size. Now, you can make a truly terrifying beast of the deep, with more customization options than ever. New wildlife, mission, and military forces will also appear.

Playing Maneater: Truth Quest will require the base game. Maneater: Truth Quest will come to the Sony PlayStation 4 and 5, the Xbox One and Series X/S, and PC (via Epic Games Store). Tripwire Interactive has not announced an official release date yet. Maneater: Truth Quest will be paid DLC. Watch the trailer on YouTube (age restricted).

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