Sci-Fantasy RPG Dark Envoy Drops New Trailer

Releasing some time in 2022, Dark Envoy is an upcoming sci-fi/fantasy RPG. Developed by Polish studio Event Horizon, it features non-linear gameplay and a war between magic and technology. Event Horizon recently dropped a trailer featuring the two sibling characters, Malakai and Kaela, their homes torched by the flames of war.

Taking place on the planet of Jäan, racial tensions are simmering throughout the world. Humans, with mana-based technology, are upending the balance between older races. Orcs and Elves, with their superior knowledge of magic, must contend with the new self-proclaimed emperor of humanity. Malakai and Kaela avoided the worst of the conflict, but the skirmishes have taken their home and family. The two of them, together with their companions, will shape the course of Jäan’s history.

Dark Envoy Combat Example
Dark Envoy will feature strategic combat.

Dark Envoy features real-time combat, but allows you to slow it down or pause it to issue orders. It also lets you staff an airship with a variety of allies. With four base classes and 16 specializations to choose from, there is plenty of character and build diversity. Players can play alone or in co-op with a friend. Besides the extensive main story and side quests, there are various dungeons with shifting layouts and enemy patrols each time you enter. As Jäan has 15 different biomes, the planet is lush and diverse, with a variety of new mechanics in each zone. Thanks to your characters’ decisions, you can either save the world of Jäan, or destroy it. Dark Envoy will feature multiple endings based on decisions and personalities.

Be sure to check out the new trailer above. You can also Wishlist Dark Envoy on Steam now, with the developers promising more updates soon. Another title by Event Horizon is Tower of Time (2018). Dark Envoy is under development for Windows and Linux systems as well as various home consoles.

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