Retro FPS Magazine E1M1 Gets 7 Times Kickstarter Goal Within 3 Days

It takes a lot for a Kickstarter to catch my eye, much less my debit card info. But this one looks like it was specifically aimed at me. E1M1 is an upcoming project by a number of different video game journalists and writers. The plan is for a magazine about old school FPS games. Named after the first level of DOOM, this will be an expansive magazine detailing the ins and outs of all manner of the genre. As the Kickstarter page states:

E1M1 is the culmination of years spent in gaming journalism across a whole host of websites, podcasts, radio shows and magazines. Our writers have years of experience under their belts – e.g. VG Almanac, GamingPurists, RetroFormat, Arcade Attack, Siren Radio, Gameffine, Funstock Retro, and more – and now are aiming to create the go-to source for the classic first-person shooter genre. 

The plan is to begin with three full issues of E1M1, each with over 60 pages of content. Everything from critiques and reviews of all your favorite retro FPS titles, as well as interviews with professionals of the industry. Plus, it will include all kinds of extras, from features on secrets within different shooters, community fan art, previews of upcoming titles, and more.

There’s a digital preview issue, which you can read here. The project has already made over seven times more than their initial goal. There aren’t any other stretch goals announced, but you can bet that with this success, there probably will be. You can check out the E1M1 Kickstarter page by clicking here

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