Doom Now Challenging Skyrim For Remake Record With Pregnancy Test Port

Technology is advancing at a far greater rate than any of us can comprehend. In the scope of humankind’s existence, we have had computer technology for a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a percent, and our brain physiology may not adjust in time. The ramifications of such powerful and rapid growth paired with the equally rapid reliance on it will be unknown for decades if not centuries. The good news is, we have more and more doodads to play DOOM on, and this pregnancy test is one of them.

Created by Twitter user Foone, a self-described “software necromancer,” this latest jury-rig is proof that they’re a hardware necromancer as well. Taking the tiny screen of a digital pregnancy test and connecting a tiny keyboard, they were able to run classic DOOM on probably the smallest possible screen. At two colors and sub-100×50 pixels, it’s impossible to play on, but you can just make out a few imps getting got. 

Of course, it’s not perfect. There were a few extra parts connected, so DOOM purists may not approve. But for the rest of us naive nerds, it’s still rad as heck. If you want to support the technomancer themself, you can subscribe to the Foone Patreon here

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