Source Of Madness Launches Closed Alpha Testing (It’s Not Actually That Closed)

Source of Madness, the platformer game with a fascinating unique artstyle, has entered closed alpha testing. Though “closed” is a bit of a stretch, because the only thing you need to do is enter their discord in order to play. And if the trailers are any indication, this is a game you will definitely want to play.

Source of Madness is a Lovecraftian action-platformer, with rogue-lite elements. Playing as a spooky version of the red-robbed character from Journey, you must travel across a twisted and dark landscape, to a tower in Rýleh, all the way to the cosmos. Somehow. The alpha build is only around 20 minutes long, but it gives a good idea of what to expect. 

Horrific tendril creatures roam the land, and you need to hack their tentacles off in order to kill them. Rather than the typical style of platforming game, Source of Madness has rings that unlock different kinds of spells. No need to worry about mana bars, as there are only cooldown timers right now. Shoot tiny white balls of energy, or have large stone pillars erupt from the ground. And these are from the demo, who knows what kind of cool abilities we’ll have in the full game? 

You can join the Source of Madness Discord and try the alpha for yourself, click here. And to wishlist the game on Steam, click here.

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