Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead Hitting Shelves Next Week

Before the month is up you too will be able to create a bridge over river undead. Today a new trailer for Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead shows off some gameplay, and also reveals that the game will be launching on November 19th.

The latest trailer contains quite a bit of gameplay, showing off the systems that makes this entry of the Bridge Constructor series unique from the others. One of the biggest is the walkers, who try to kill you every step of the way, and see you needing to find ways to stop them. You often have to kill the walkers or get your team to safety, and you can give your characters pre-set orders so they do things in a specific fashion, such as throwing grenades, triggering traps, climbing ladders, and more.

Not that the old fashioned “build a bridge and make sure the cars can drive over it” stuff isn’t here. We got to see cars having to be launched off of ramps, often with giant swarms of walkers chasing behind them. While it may be what you’re normally used to for the series, it’s still neat seeing all the elements of The Walking Dead be put to good use in making this entry stand out from the crowd.

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Series X|S, and mobile devices on November 19th, with a PlayStation 5 version following soon after. You can add it to your wishlist here.

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