Black Book Kickstarter Releases Extremely Slavic Announcement Trailer

Russian studio Morteshka announced today that they will be crowdsourcing a new game called Black Book. The game is a deck building RPG, similar to the popular Slay the Spire, where the player will choose and combine cards that hold various powers, creating powerful spells. As the gameplay trailer shows us, Black Book is a game with turn based combat and wide open areas for exploration. There also seems to be a lot of dialogue interactions, both between NPCs and party members. 

The premise of Black Book is similar to Shadow of the Colossus. A young sorceress appeals to the dark forces in order to bring her loved one back to life, a hair brained scheme which literally never goes well. To do this, she must go on a quest and find a magic Book that happens to be Black. Much of the inspiration for Black Book came from Slavic mythology, with plenty of mythical creatures on display. Giant wolves, flaming demons, and ghosts are all seen in the trailer. And per the press release, you not only fight these creatures, but also befriend them. 

The aesthetic style of Black Book is certainly interesting too. The game has low poly graphics similar to Ashen, but for cutscenes seems to have drawn portraits of each character. Black Book is the second project by Morteshka, the first being Mooseman. Morteshka will begin a Kickstarter campaign for Black Book on May 5th. You can check out the Steam page here and the Morteshka website here for more information and screenshots. 

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