Gamedec Kickstarter Reaches Stretch Goal, Game Will Have Cthulhu Inspired Area

Gamedec is an isometric cyberpunk RPG in which you take the role of a detective, based on a novel series. Rather than a game about combat, you must investigate crimes by questioning and sleuthing. To solve these crimes you enter into intricate virtual worlds, known as virtualium, in which much of the game takes place. These virtualium are wildly varying, each with their own unique setting and premise. And with the latest stretch goal reached, an exciting new virtualium will be added.

With this latest update, Gamedec will now be adding a virtual world based on the Cthulhu mythos into the final game. Chosen by a vote between the game’s backers, the Cthulhu Virtualium will be a “world filled with darkness, madness, and tentacles(maybe!).” Why anyone would choose to live in R’lyeh the sunken city instead of a less insanity-inducing virtual setting, I cannot guess. Perhaps that will be a part of the case, and perhaps the will of the old ones has gone so far as to influence virtual worlds. It remains to be seen.

There are 5 days left in the Gamedec Kickstarter campaign, with over 4,000 backers and 280% of the funding goal reached. The Cthulhu Virtualium seems to be the last content pack that will be reached, and certainly is the most interesting. For a better description of Gamedec, you can check out our PAX East 2020 interview with developer Radoslaw Maciag. And for more information and updates on the project, check out the Gamedc Kickstarter page.

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