ABOVE Elbahi Studios Key Art

Elbahi Studios Announces ABOVE, a Terrifying Stealth-Horror Experience

Elbahi Studios, a startup studio, teased the first previews of their game ABOVE today. The team plans to eventually bring it to the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, and PCs (via Steam and Itch.io). The promising very early shots evoke a distinctly eerie, downright nightmarish design. “Our aim is to make ABOVE a nail biting, story driven 2D horror game, unlike anything we’ve ever played before,” wrote Louis Anderson, the Senior Sound Designer.

ABOVE Elbahi Studios Statue
You’re not seeing things, that statue is very clearly inspired by the real-world Christ the Redeemer statue.

In ABOVE, mysterious and very aggressive creatures come down from the heavens above and begin to ravage the denizens of a tiny alien village within a black forest. Nelson, the protagonist, sets out to find out where these creatures came from, what they want, and how to communicate with them. The single father will go through creepy cave systems down in the earth to the mysterious “Land of Those that Dwell Above.”

Nelson, however, cannot hope to protect himself against these creatures. Instead, he will need to sneak, scrabble, and skitter from hiding place to hiding place. He’ll need to scale mountains while simultaneously avoiding the wrath of the giant creatures from Above. ABOVE is still very, very early in development, with the team providing alpha builds to a small focus group on the regular. The team plans to release an alpha to the public late this October.

ABOVE Elbahi Studios Alpha Monster
Who are these dwellers? What do they want?

ABOVE is by far our most ambitious horror project to date. We’re a small team, and that comes with its challenges. But once you’ve seen the passion that’s going into this game’s development, you’ll know it’s going to be something special… in a weird, bizarre, horror kind of way.”

Zakaria Elbahi, Founder
ABOVE Elbahi Studios Alpha Dark Monster
Whatever these creatures want, it’s not good for Nelson and the inhabitants of his world.

In addition to ABOVE, Elbahi Studios also has a limited series horror TV show slated for 2023. The studio also has a number of short films they plan to release by the end of this year. More information about ABOVE will be revealed in the coming months.