Wasteland 3 Dev Diary #2 Introduces New Characters And Story To Be Found In The New Frozen Setting

This latest Wasteland 3 dev diary introduces the world and story of this latest addition to the series. At the end of the previous game, spoiler alert, the Rangers were forced to set off a nuke in order to defeat an out of control AI. Wasteland 3 begins with the authoritarian leader of Colorado, known as the Patriarch, reaching out and offering to help them rebuild, in exchange for their services. Unlike Wasteland 2, which took place mostly in a Fallout inspired desert, the Colorado of Wasteland 3 is in the midst of a nuclear winter. 

Wasteland 3 dev diary #2 also describes some of the factions and characters that will be encountered. Not much is revealed about the Patriarch and his patriarchy, who will presumably be heavily involved in the main story. They describe how his story is not a saving-the-world type narrative, but is a lot more intimate. However, they also namedrop NORAD and the mysterious Denver Airport, which adds an interesting new layer to this “intimate” character based story.

The first Wasteland 3 character introduced is Nancy Reliance of the Gippers, a cult who worship God-President Reagan as a god. They are obviously unwell, but since they control all the oil production in Colorado, there’s no way around dealing with them. The next character is Sergeant Kwan, officer and your liaison to the Patriarch. He may be working for the Patriarch, but as the dev diary describes, he is a nice enough guy and will help how he can. The third main character featured is the purple-haired Psychopath, a “batshit crazy individual who is taunting the rangers on the radio,” who the devs liken to the Joker. 

Wasteland 3 is a much more cohesive and structured story.” This new narrative structure adds a number of new twists and turns for the player, such as rabbit holes. The devs describe these rabbit holes as paths that diverge from the main story and allow for a separate ending. There will of course be a number of side quests to expand upon the Wasteland universe, but it will be interesting to see how these divergent narratives add to the overall story.

Wasteland 3 will be available on August 28th for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. For more information, you can check out the Wasteland website by clicking here. And for our write up of the previous dev diary, click here

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