Indie Horror Survival Game Monstrum Finally Coming To Consoles

Wow, now this is a surprise. I know that everything gets a console release nowadays, but I was certain that the Team Junkfish was entirely focused on Monstrum 2 (which is supposed to come out this year, but who knows with the plague fucking everything up). Perhaps the port is more of publisher SOEDESCO’s doing. Still, Monstrum was a solid indie hit on the PC. Now console players will have a chance to see if they can survive this nautical nightmare.

If you didn’t play Monstrum when it first released in 2015, it’s a survival horror game in the vein of other indie games from that era. It was launched into Early Access around the time Slender: The Eight Pages was getting popular. There’s lots of running, hiding, and getting spooked by something right around the corner. You’re on a quest to collect enough items around the halls of an abandoned ship to power one of several methods of escape. The game is randomly generated, so every sometimes certain escape methods won’t be available. Pretty standard in those regards.

What sets Monstrum apart are the three different monsters that can spawn as your hunter. Each of the monsters is very different. The Fiend is a giant lumbering lava monster that can bash down doors, but is easily heard from a distance. The Hunter on the other hand is incredibly stealthy, but is more easily obstructed. It’s easy for randomly generated games to use the tagline “no two play throughs are the same,” but the different monsters in Monstrum really do make that true.

So if you want to check out Monstrum, it’s coming digitally to the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch on May 22nd. It will also be released physically when the plague dies down. If you want to check it out now, you can always get it on Steam by clicking here.

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