Dreamscaper, Lucid Dream Action RPG, Releasing Next Month

Developed by Afterburner Studios and published by Freedom Games, a new action RPG is coming to PCs and the Nintendo Switch next month. Starting August 5, players can step into the role of Cassidy and explore her tormented dreamscape in Dreamscaper. This means that Dreamscaper will exit Early Access a week before its original August 12 release date. The 1.0 version will include new bosses, areas, story, and “other surprises.”

Cassidy’s mind creates a series of twisted dungeons each time she tries to sleep. She’ll have to battle her subconscious demons in a very literal sense through the power of lucid dreaming. Cassidy will wield weapons and abilities granted by her friends in the waking world. Her bonds empower her to face her fears and anxieties. As Cassidy explores her dreams, her real memories start to blend more and more with her own cognitive distortions. As she progresses, she must discern the truth while navigating the blur and haze of her troubled psyche.

“When we launched Dreamscaper on Steam Early Access last year, we couldn’t imagine Cassidy’s journey would resonate with so many players. The journey so far has surpassed our wildest dreams and we look forward to continuing to make dreams come true when we can share the Dreamscaper experience with everyone on Nintendo Switch and Steam this August.”

Ian Cofino, Afterburner Studios co-founder

Afterburner Studios was founded back in 2018 by three former AAA developers. Their credits include games such as NBA2K, SOS, Gears of War 3, Paragon, and various other titles. Dreamscaper is the team’s first project, funded after a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2019.

Freedom Games publishes games in various genres. Their recent titles include Dark Deity, One Lonely Outpost, and of course the upcoming Dreamscaper.

You can pick up the Early Access version of Dreamscaper now on Steam. Check it out if you want a preview of what is to come next month.