Nightmare Reaper Leaving Early Access Next Month

Blazing Bit Games announced today that Nightmare Reaper will be leaving Early Access starting March 28. The retro-inspired looter shooter and roguelite title will also release Chapter 3 at the same time. This full launch will bring new weapons, game modes, and plenty of loot to the nightmarish story. You can grab Early Access version of Nightmare Reaper right now on both Steam and GOG. There will be a discount shortly after the full release, so Wishlist it now so you can grab the launch price later. Enjoy the animated announcement release trailer in the meantime.

Nightmare Reaper Office Screenshot
Well, it’s nicer than my workstation, that’s for sure.

Combining the dark, moody violence of retro and modern action games, Nightmare Reaper takes inspiration from the shooters of yesteryear. Travel through the depths of a nightmare, acquiring powerful weapons along the way, and enjoy the replayable chapters. Each of the three is about 7-10 hours in length, so there’s plenty of content to blast through. The full release will include 80 unique weapons and multiple game modes with manual and randomized level generation. The story brings a little bit of mystery without being obtrusive and overbearing, letting you focus on the gameplay. Andrew Hulshult (DOOM Eternal) provides the soundtrack, which is DMCA-free.

“For what began as a solo project and is now a small team, we’re incredibly humbled by the game’s overwhelmingly positive rating on Steam and the community’s support throughout Early Access. We’ve worked hard for more than 5 years to make the full launch something that’ll surprise even our biggest fans and we look forward to players experiencing everything Nightmare Reaper has to offer.”

Bruno Beaudoin, Founder and Lead Developer, Blazing Bit Games

Former Ubisoft Montreal Network Programmer Bruno Beaudoin founded Blazing Bit Games, and Nightmare Reaper is the studio’s most ambitious project yet. Beaudoin brings a both experience and longtime passion to the studio’s games, with an interest in the hobby stretching back to the days of the Atari 2600.