Cellular Harvest Is The Pokemon Snap Of EEK3

Another interesting game in the Haunted PS1 EEK3 lineup is Cellular Harvest. Created by friend of the Dread, Xalavier Nelson, best known for the incredible Screw You, Bear Dad, as well as Nate Berens of Redacted Games, Cellular Harvest is a title that defies labels. Closely resembling Pokemon Snap, this game puts you in a low-poly alien world.

In Cellular Harvest, you play as an Auditor, an intergalactic explorer who travels to a strange and verdant alien world. Working for the corporate interests that will decide the planet’s fate, you must use your suit’s AI to audit what you find. Catalog flora, track fauna, and “enjoy an alien planet – while it’s still intact.” 

An initial look seems to have similar ecological themes as The Rum Diaries, but as it stands, there’s not much information about the game yet. There is no release date for Cellular Harvest, but you can check out the itch.io page for the game by clicking here and here

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